Nostro allevamento alleva pastore dell asia centrale per lavoro da guardia con forte caratere e da shou.Abiamo diverse linii di sangue e tipologii.Nella sangue di nostri cani si trova famosi antenati come Akgush, Turkmen Kala Alamat, Tohmet (pr.Tasiz),Yusbash iz Aleksandrovoi Slobodi e altri. A noi piaciano cani giganti,ma cerchiamo tenere equilibrio tra cani pesanti e legere.Proprietaria Kiyanytsya Irina laureata in veterinaria, da 1981 anno iniziata lavorare con cani in modo amatoriale.
Nell anni 80 faceva adestramenti.
Nell 94 finito studiare veterinaria.Durante studio fato qualche viaggi in Turkmenia - dove conoshuto alabai (come chiamano cani asiatici in Turkmenia), e da la nell 1990 portato i mie primi sogetti di pastore dell asia centrale.

Nell novembre 2015 abiamo deciso agungere un altra razza - PASTORE DELL CAUCASO


Alabay or the Central Asian sheep-dog - ancient breed coбак, reached us practically in the primordial form. Thanks to the centuries-old service to people, these dogs very much are very much appreciated. Today without dependence from intraspecific distinctions, the Central Asia Shephers Dog - one of the most demanded breeds.

The ideal partner betrayed and the incorruptible watchman, loving and favourite member of a family - here it is far not a full portrait of this remarkable dogs. Certainly, for keeping a large dog the country house ideally approaches. Alabay - one of the most ancient breeds on the earth which has reached up to now, and has kept the appearance and surprising character.

It their ancestors fought on arenas of amphitheatres. Alexander the Great used these dogs in battles, and the big loss caused with their help to the enemy.
Under ancient images these coбаки are close on type to ancient mastiff. Mastiffs have been brought to Persia by Alexander the Great. And on Tibet for a long time already there were large local Tibetan dogs, descendants of a black Tibetan wolf.

They were primitive, rough, crude, black or is black-podpalogo окраса, possessed huge force. They had a huge head, a short muzzle, crude lips, folds on a forehead,   very dense rough wool and the tendency to a wrong bite.
 In India and places in China widely used Central Asia Shepherd Dogs for protection, on hunting, in army.
Chineses applied Central Asia Shepherd Dogs to hunting for people.
 In Europe their steels to name molosse.


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